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Bluegrass Jamboree - Festival of Bluegrass and ...
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Der legendäre Banjo-Bus ist im November-Dezember zur 12. Tournee des Kult-Festivals unterwegs zu den Konzerthallen der Republik. An Bord sind neben Banjos auch wieder Mandolinen, Geigen, Gitarren und der Kontrabass. Meisterlich gespielt begleiten sie die hervorragenden und wegweisenden Sänger und Sängerinnen, die den drei Top-Ensembles aus USA den unvergleichlichen Original-Sound geben. Wie so oft sind beim Jamboree Künstler zu sehen, die bisher noch nie in Europa zu erleben waren. Dies ist ein wichtiger Aspekt des Konzeptes, dem Publikum hierzulande auch neue Trends und Projekte im Bluegrass-Kosmos vorzustellen und zu dokumentieren.

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Hachette UK I Will Find You (Seal Island 2) Buc...
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'Atmospheric, romantic and compelling. Daniela writes with huge warmth and sincerity' Rosanna LeyA beautiful, heartrending story of finding love against all odds.After her mother dies, heartbroken Cora discovers she has been left a cottage on a remote Scottish isle called Seal. The moment she arrives, she falls under the island's spell... and finds herself drawn to a brooding stranger.For wanderer Innes, returning to the island means confronting the demons of his past. He knows he can't offer beautiful Cora anything more than a collection of moments - yet he can't deny the immediate intensity of their connection.As Cora begins to trace her mother's roots, she learns Gealach Cottage has a turbulent history. Another young woman had sought refuge here, waiting for her lover to return. What became of her? Only by unravelling a forgotten story of passion and courage can Cora understand what has pulled her to Seal... and to a man who feels like home. Readers love the breathtaking novels of Daniela Sacerdoti: 'A love story that will satisfy even the most hopeless romantics' Daily Express on Keep Me Safe'Beautifully written, and the descriptions of Seal were so realistic I could almost hear the sea and the wind. A great book - Lesley Pearse on Keep Me Safe'Emotional. I couldn't put it down' Daily Mail on Keep Me Safe'I fell in love with this book' Prima magazine on Keep Me Safe'Beautifully written and atmospheric' The Sun on Keep Me Safe'One of my favourite reads of the year so far. If there's such a thing as book heaven, this wonderfully original, poignant read deserves a place there' Shari Low, Daily Record on Watch Over Me'A beautiful story of love, loss, discovering one's true abilities and, above all, never forgetting who you really are' Debbie Flint on Take Me Home'A story of love, loss, hope and pastures new. I give this book 5 out of 5' A Lover of Books on Set Me Free'Dani's writing pulled me in... It reminded me of the safety of those arms around you as a young child when something scares you' Jera's Jamboree on Don't Be Afraid

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