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A Night Of Jump Blues
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A Night Of Jump Blues: The Big Jamboree

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Aisha Khan - Aishaddiction (CD)
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(2017/El Toro) 13 Tracks - Aisha’s earliest influences incorporated everything from Elvis and Sarah Vaughan to Billy Bragg and Northern Soul and once drawn into London’s incendiary rockabilly club scene, she felt the irresistible pull of black American Rhythm & Blues as a call to action, setting up her first band Tiger Lily and the Jitterbugs, with which she performed throughout the UK and Europe for several years. Subsequently, she was the first vocalist with the 10 piece big band, Blue Harlem performing Swing and Jump Jive. Throughout this time, she also sang Jazz and Blues in a variety of combos. She is currently working in England and Europe with ongoing Projects in Spain and London. Recent performances include events with the Aisha Khan R&B Revue, Blue Harlem, Cherry Casino & the Gamblers Big Jamboree and the Velvet Candles. She has just returned from the Screamin’ festival in Calella where she debuted the outstanding music from her new album release with her band, The Rajahs. Aishaddiction is packed full of stunning original material and featuring outstanding musicianship plus special guests!

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