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DescriptionFun repertoire for beginning pianists to complement the Easiest Piano Course. A comprehensive collection of 26 songs from around the world, including such favourites as Rio Grande, Men Of Harlech and Sky Boat Song.SonglistAll Through The NightBanks Of The OhioBlow The Wind SoutherlyDanny Boy (Londonderry Air)Donkey RidingEarly One MorningFire Down BelowGreensleevesHurry, The Food Is ReadyInfant Holy, Infant LowlyLand Of The Silver Birch [Traditional Canadian]Lavender BlueLi´l Liza JaneMen Of HarlechMy Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean On Top Of Old SmokeyRio GrandeScarborough FairShoes Of Shining LeatherSkye Boat SongSur Le Pont D´avignonSweet Betsy From PikeThe Banks Of The OhioThe Maid Of LekoWater Come A Me EyeWhat Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?Whoop Jamboree

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