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Rollin' Jamboree Comedy Country Sing-Along Bus ...
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Welcome to Music City's Funniest Bus Tour and it's only sing-along. This show was just voted the #1 tour in all of Tennessee! You will be riding a bus full of country music and bawdy comedy! Who knows, you might get lucky enough to be part of meeting an occasional celebrity guest. The girls show everyone a good time and the entertainment is a must! Some Nashville hot spots you will see on the tour are Music Row, Antique Archaeology, Historic Honky Tonks and the Music City Center. You must be at least 21 years of age as tour contains bawdy adult themes, adult language and beer is allowed, but sticks in the mud need not apply. Everyone participates, some more than others in this hilarious, award winning country music experience! Recently featured on Good Morning America & HGTV. Cell phone is required to book.The bus stop is at the corner of 2nd Ave & Commerce, directly across from Sbarro Pizza & next to The Chicken Guy. Wait near rental bicycles. Arrive 15 min early to catch your tour.

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Stand: 26.01.2021
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