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(Rollercoaster Records) 4 tracks - triangle centre - mastered at CTS, Wembley with ´B.J. at the control´ written in dead wax - Wash Machine Boogie by the Echo Valley Boys was the Island Record Company´s first release in April 1957. Like many of the more obscure 50´s recordings now regarded as rockabilly classics by boppers and collectors alike the release has been as extensively bootlegged as it has been ´covered´ by present-day rockabilly bands. Little is known of the Echo Valley Boys, but Bill Browning appears to have been more than just the lead vocalist, having arranged, produced and written most of the band´s material. Bill was born on May 16th 1931 in Wayne County, West Virginia, where he became interested in music at the age of fourteen. At sixteen he formed his first band, the Kanawha Valley Boys, and broadcast regularly over WTIP in Charleston, West Virginia until 1950 when he and members of his band were drafted into the services. In August 1955 Bill moved to Cleveland, Ohio, and formed the Echo Valley Boys, who were soon appearing every Saturday night on the Circle Theatre Jamboree. In the spring of 1957 Bill submitted some of his material to Frank J. Videmsek, president of the Island Record Company, and his first recording - Wash machine boogie and Ramblin´ man was soon on the presses. This was followed by Born with the blues, Breaking hearts, Sinful woman and Hula rock. Although Bill remained actively involved in songwriting and recording, national success eluded him and he died in January 1978, a victim of cancer.

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MEMPHIS|RED RIVER VALLEY|I´m thinking about you|DOWN HOME|Crying over you|TURKEY IN THE STRAW|Country jamboree

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Hörfunksendung (Vereinigte Staaten):Grand Ole Opry, The Young Turks, WWVA Jamboree, Democracy Now, National Barn Dance, Old Dominion Barn Dance, Tennessee Barn Dance, Big D Jamboree, Louisiana Hayride, Flywheel, Shyster & Flywheel, Town Hall Party, Renfro Valley Barn Dance

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