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The Jamborees - Karaoke Kids (CD)
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CD / Musikrichtungen: Pop, Karaoke / Version: Studio-Version

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Vampires at Easter
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Can one cat detective keep vampires off the guest list? Inca the Siberian Kitty and her globetrotting furry family are always up for an adventure. She can´t wait for the upcoming Easter jamboree at Bran Castle. It´s bound to inspire pages of new thrills for her diary. But behind the fancy dresses and decorations, Inca stumbles upon a spooky mystery? When a scheming sorceress and a would-be vampire threaten to crash the party, Inca must follow the clues to thwart their plan. With her family and new friends in danger, the world´s greatest cat detective must think on all four feet to keep vampires from running wild in Transylvania. Vampires at Easter is the 6th standalone children´s book in the Diary of a Snoopy Cat series, which is perfect for kids ages 7-12. If you and your child like animal adventures, lessons about different cultures, and working together with family and friends, then you´ll love R.F. Kristi´s cat detective series. Buy Vampires at Easter to start a whimsical, whiskery mystery today!

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