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Aebersold Aebersold N°096 - Dave Samuels - Lati...
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Intermediate/Advanced. This set features the music and performances of Samuels´ Caribbean Jazz Project. A totally authentic latin jazz fusion set - sounds awesome!Rhythm Section: Dave Samuels (vibes); Steve Kahn (g); Dario Eskenazi (p); Ruben Rodriguez/Oscar Stagnaro (b); Mark Walker/Robie Ameen (d); Richie Flores (percussion)Includes:# One Step Ahead# Paco And Dave# Ivory Coast# One For Tom# Rain Forest# Latin Quarter# Jamboree# Sadie´s Dance# Turnabout# Arthur´s Dance

Stand: 18.12.2017
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England, John & Western Swingers - Songs Older ...
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(2013/Westernswingers) 13 tracks (41:03) digisleeve - John England & the Western Swingers is a six piece band based in Nashville, TN, which plays the lively, happy music called Western Swing. Western Swing originally developed in Texas and Oklahoma during the 1930´s. With fiddle, steel guitar, piano, electric guitar, bass, and drums, it´s music for dancing and listening, and combines the down-home quality of country music with the sophistication and improvisation of hot jazz. The group has played their lively music at Nashville´s Robert´s Western World every Monday since July of 2001. The Swingers can also boast of appearances at New York´s Lincoln Center, the Grand Ole Opry, the Legends of Western Swing Festival, the ´Midnight Jamboree´, and many concerts and private events in the mid-South area.

Anbieter: Bear Family Recor...
Stand: 03.11.2017
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