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The Willis Music Company John Thompson´s Easies...
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DescriptionFun repertoire for beginning pianists to complement the Easiest Piano Course. A comprehensive collection of 26 songs from around the world, including such favourites as Rio Grande, Men Of Harlech and Sky Boat Song.SonglistAll Through The NightBanks Of The OhioBlow The Wind SoutherlyDanny Boy (Londonderry Air)Donkey RidingEarly One MorningFire Down BelowGreensleevesHurry, The Food Is ReadyInfant Holy, Infant LowlyLand Of The Silver Birch [Traditional Canadian]Lavender BlueLi´l Liza JaneMen Of HarlechMy Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean On Top Of Old SmokeyRio GrandeScarborough FairShoes Of Shining LeatherSkye Boat SongSur Le Pont D´avignonSweet Betsy From PikeThe Banks Of The OhioThe Maid Of LekoWater Come A Me EyeWhat Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?Whoop Jamboree

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I Will Find You
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Two different women, divided by time, bound by fate... ´Atmospheric, romantic and compelling. Daniela writes with huge warmth and sincerity. I loved the setting of the mysterious Seal Island. I really enjoyed it´ Rosanna Ley From the bestselling author of WATCH OVER ME, Daniela Sacerdoti´s new novel is a romantic, heartrending, epic story that will sweep you away to the beautiful, mysterious island of Seal. If you love Outlander, and the novels of Rosanna Ley and Tracy Rees, you will adore Daniela Sacerdoti. After her mother dies, grief-stricken Cora discovers she has been left a cottage, a crumbling shelter on a mysterious Scottish island. The moment Cora arrives on the windswept isle of Seal, she falls under its spell and is drawn to brooding Innes, back on the island to confront his past. As Cora begins to trace her mother´s roots, she learns Gealach Cottage has a dark, turbulent history. Another young woman has sought refuge here, fleeing terrible danger, and waiting for her lover to return. What became of her? Only by unravelling a forgotten story of passion and courage can Cora understand what has pulled her to Seal...and led her to a man of many secrets. Readers love the breathtaking novels of Daniela Sacerdoti: ´A page-turning mystery... A love story that will satisfy even the most hopeless romantics´ Daily Express on Keep Me Safe ´Beautifully written, and the descriptions of Seal were so realistic I could almost hear the sea and the wind. A great book - Lesley Pearse on Keep Me Safe ´Emotional. Mysterious. I couldn´t put it down´ Daily Mail on Keep Me Safe ´I fell in love with this book´ Prima magazine on Keep Me Safe ´Beautifully written and atmospheric´ The Sun on Keep Me Safe ´One of my favourite reads of the year so far. If there´s such a thing as book heaven, this wonderfully original, poignant read deserves a place there´ Shari Low, Daily Record on Watch Over Me ´A beautiful story of love, loss, discovering one´s true abilities and, above all, never forgetting who you really are´ Debbie Flint on Take Me Home ´A story of love, loss, hope and pastures new. I give this book 5 out of 5´ A Lover of Books on Set Me Free ´Dani´s writing pulled me in... It reminded me of the safety of those arms around you as a young child when something scares you´ Jera´s Jamboree on Don´t Be Afraid

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